All clean

Dog had her teeth cleaned.  It was stressful because in the 15 years of her long life, she has never had it done.  The good news was that all her teeth were good!

rose to the top

drawing about: This is the clear glaze at the studio, contaminated with fritted mason stain, cobalt slip, my discovery of it and standing up to the man and stating my opinion. 

Roger's House

This picture is one a friend from my childhood in Germany took and posted.  I reframed it and hung in on the wall!

old friend

This is an older drawing about my reconnecting with sewing..... I started sewing when I was 11 years old, making my first dress in Home Economics.  I loved that class and I also loved to sew.  Since I dove off into the deep pool of ceramics I have not found the time to sew.  I am reposting this drawing because we are in the process of making a room for me to sew in.

those were the days

This is Don and his wife Lois. For many, many years Don was a potter at Clayways, in Austin, the studio where I work.  He is also famous for the green lizards he puts on the rims of his pottery.  He retired last month and had a going away party with some of the people who were fortunate enough to be there.  I was able to be at the going away party and I will miss him.  When I came to Clayways for the first time to take a pottery lesson, it was Don who let me in early. Don also saved all of his scrap clay for me.  Just the clay I saved from Don's pots alone, would keep me potting for the rest of my life.

Plenty of Sinners

I stopped to buy pipe in a small town on my way down to Moulton.  While I was there buying pipe the owner of the business told me about his other job as a preacher.  He told me about his divorce, his wife leaving him, his new marriage and his return to the pulpit.