Angela Rogers Ceramics

I am a Native Texan whose early influences and favorite memories include my younger years, growing up in Europe. Being the daughter of a career Army father, I traveled through Germany, enjoying all I saw, especially the many fairytale castles. Over the years, I cultivated a love for creating art. I improved my skills through pen and ink drawing classes, while attending college. Later, I studied oil painting under the watchful eye of Austin artist, Della Carlson, who I give full credit for my undying and everlasting love of painting.

My first exposure to the vast world of Ceramics was in 1990. Having been dragged along to a ceramics shop, in search of the elusive "Turtle Planter wearing Shoes", I realized I had found a new canvas to paint on. At first, I began painting on commercial slip cast pieces. I quickly decided to learn as much as possible about the entire ceramic process. That desire led me to apprentice for about a year in order to gain knowledge of slip casting, mold making, greenware, electric kiln firing and glazing. I purchased my first of many electric kilns in the early 90s, and in 1998 I started a new business named Ebbie's Pie Birds. The business was named for my maternal Grandmother, a great pie baker in her own right. As a new ceramist, I created hundreds of one-of-a-kind, hand painted Pie Birds, selling them to collectors worldwide. The Pie Birds I made were featured in two books, "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" by Linda Fields and "Pots In The Kitchen" by Josie Walter. .

By 2007, I was looking for a new challenge, so I bought a potter's wheel and signed up for classes at a local pottery studio. Since then, I have worked full-time to develop my skills in hand building, and wheel throwing. Through various workshops, classes and personal study, I have built on my technique of design and decoration. My interests have expanded into making my own clay and glazes at my own studio. I still oil paint. I still sketch and do pencil, pen and ink drawing. With the introduction of modern digital technology, I have found a new love of doing drawing on my iPad while relaxing during the day. 

I have had many generous teachers, along the way, and I am so excited now to pass along what I have learned to my students. 

Thank You.....